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2024 Summer Camps


Boutique classes.  Nonmusical scripts.  Professional instruction by Working Actors.

True ensemble shows where EVERY student shines! We have a program for every age and ability. 

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Check out our Summer Program descriptions below and register with the form at the bottom!



Theatrical Produc​tion Camps 

July 8-20 FULL



Ages 8+ (suggested age)


Over the course of just two short weeks, participants will bring together a full length theatrical production. Participants work together not only performing the play but also taking full ownership of it - from set design to costuming to marketing participants learn just what it takes to put together a full theatrical experience.

The acting lessons that participants will learn will be deep. With a keen focus on developing their character we will explore in depth both Stanislavski and Meisner approaches to acting to truly develop each participant's skill.

As with all of our shows, these are true ensemble pieces giving each participant the chance to shine on stage. In addition, they will take great pride on show day knowing that they personally were involved in every aspect of the production.

In addition, participants will be mentored by working Actor's Equity and SAG professional actors and will learn what it takes to make it in the entertainment business.

This summer we examine two comedies - one fast moving farce and one over the top melodrama.  


The plays:

Dogsbreath Devereaux the Dastardly Doctor

(or... Nursed Foilded Again)

 by Billy St. John

 JULY 8-20 Shows evening of 19th and afternoon of 20th.


This show is 100% pure melodrama in its purest of form.  Huge exaggerated characters, absurd situations and lots of evil laughter!  Dogsbreath Deveraux will be a study in melodrama that teaches our young actors to hone in on character development and take risks to go over the top on stage.  With kids, directors often find them struggling to make big choices in character.  After this camp they will be pros!

Our Story: Dogsbreath Devereaux, M.D., plots to wed and do away with the wealthy widow Lotta Cash so he can inherit her fortune and her late husband’s clinic.  He enlists the aid of the nasty nurse, Hilda Hatchet, and promises to marry her once he disposes of Lotta.  Problems arise with the insanely jealous Hilda catches Dogsbreath flirting with Wendy March, the heroine of our show.  It seems only our hero, Dr. Phil Good, can save Wendy and the unsuspecting Lotta Cash from certain death.  Set in a clinic filled with zany patients, this melodrama is sure to leave the audience in stitches.

MAX Participants = 16


Limited number of participants each session 


By far our most intensive program ever! 


In just one week, accepted participants will bring together a full length play, Defrosting Popsicles by Susan Emshwiller.  The script will challenge and stretch the acting chops of any young actor with it’s unique blend of serious drama and hilarious comedy. 

Participants will rehearse a full week schedule as professional actors do and will perform a “two show day” as their finale.  Throughout the week, participants will be coached and taught by some of Orlando and Florida’s top recognized working actors in both the theatre and screen. 


Focus will be advanced acting technique as well as building the tools necessary to break into the business professionally. In addition each participant will develop their own professional resume, receive professional digital headshots, and video content for their reel. 

To Audition by Video (PREFERRED) : Complete application form and submit video of two contrasting monologues (dramatic and comedy) each lasting between 1 and 2 minutes.  (Link to secured YouTube video is preferred.)



Synopsis of the Play

Defrosting Popsicles : Sally's father is on his death bed, but she just can't bring herself to emotionally confront the impending loss. Who has the time to process grief anyway, when you're wrangling a neurotic mother and sister, fending off an overly-sympathetic boyfriend, and wading through the maze of paperwork and regulations that spring up around death? Along with her wisecracking family, Sally discovers that grief manifests in many different forms, and that every individual must find their own way to navigate the comedic, surreal, and bizarre experience that is sickness and death.


Limited to 12 Participants



Improv and Murder Mystery Camp

June 24-29 


(Lunch Performance Afternoon of 6/29 at local restaurant)



Ages 10+ 


Our wildly popular and very unique Murder Mystery Camp is back for the summer of 2024.  During this  week long adventure, participants will explore the art of improvisation - making it up on the spot!  This important skill not only will help performers on the stage but also in all aspects of life from school to friendships as they grow while building strong self confidence.

While learning and practicing simple improv games, participants will also develop the framework for their own improvised and audience interactive murder mystery dinner show which will be performed for friends and family at a local restaurant on the Saturday following the camp.

Participants will be mentored by Something New Studio's professional Murder Mystery Troupe and will follow the same process that the professionals use in creating our wildly popular dinner shows.


Limited to 12 Participants



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Professional Acting Advanced Intensive

July 22-27

(2 Performances July 27)



Ages 14+ 


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