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2023 Summer Camps

Boutique classes.  Nonmusical scripts.  Professional instruction by Working Actors.

True ensemble shows where EVERY student shines! 


Theatrical Produc​tion Camps 

June 5-16 

July 17-28



Ages 8+ (suggested age)


(Discount for both camps, Sibling discounts also available)

Over the course of just two short weeks, participants will bring together a full length theatrical production. Participants work together not only performing the play but also taking full ownership of it - from set design to costuming to marketing participants learn just what it takes to put together a full theatrical experience.

The acting lessons that participants will learn will be deep. With a keen focus on developing their character we will explore in depth both Stanislavski and Meisner approaches to acting to truly develop each participant's skill.

As with all of our shows, these are true ensemble pieces giving each participant the chance to shine on stage. In addition, they will take great pride on show day knowing that they personally were involved in every aspect of the production.

In addition, participants will be mentored by working Actor's Equity and SAG professional actors and will learn what it takes to make it in the entertainment business.

The plays:


by Flip Kobler and Cindy Marcus 

 JUNE 5-16 Show evening of 16th at WC.

In keeping with our tradition of light comedic shows for the summer programs, Mother Goosed does NOT disappoint. Full of witty humor and puns, along with characters fairly familiar to all our participants in this production will learn to master the art of theatrical comedy. While the characters are well known, kiddos will be challenged to make them their own! The Plot : Joe, a cop in the Fairy Tale precinct, Nursery Rhyme division, investigates the disappearance of Mother Goose. How can the tales go on without their author? What will the characters do with no one to tell their stories? As Joe interrogates a wild assortment of her nursery rhyme characters, including Peter Peter, Mother Hubbard, Little Bo Peep, a handful of Marys and many others, the truth about the missing Mother Goose comes out when her true identity is finally revealed with much surprise and delight!

MAX Participants = 21.


 by Douglas Evans 

 JULY 17-28 Show evening of 16 at WC Evening of 28th.

Another light comedy, The Elevator Family is based on Mr. Evans popular children's book. However, the play is usually performed by adults for children which will challenge all of our young actors! With the look and feel of a true Broadway ensemble show this production will be like none other that our young actors have experienced. The Plot : When the quirky Wilson family goes on vacation, they visit a nice hotel -- and then decide to take up residence in the elevator. They quickly turn their tiny space into a cozy home nicknamed "Otis" where they play pick-up sticks, have meals delivered, and entertain guests. All are welcome in the Wilsons' tiny mobile room, and as they move up and down they help everyone they meet, including a love-struck bellhop, an overscheduled old lady, and a lonely salesman. But when the Wilsons suspect that a kidnapped girl may be hidden in the hotel, they may face their biggest challenge yet.

MAX Participants = 17

Limited number of participants each session 

Improv and Murder Mystery Camp

June 26-30

(Lunch Performance Afternoon of 7/1 at local restaurant)



Ages 10+ 


Our wildly popular and very unique Murder Mystery Camp is back for the summer of 2023.  During this  week long adventure, participants will explore the art of improvisation - making it up on the spot!  This important skill not only will help performers on the stage but also in all aspects of life from school to friendships as they grow while building strong self confidence.

While learning and practicing simple improv games, participants will also develop the framework for their own improvised and audience interactive murder mystery dinner show which will be performed for friends and family at THe Dog House Restaurant on the Saturday following the camp.

Participants will be mentored by Something New Studio's professional Murder Mystery Troupe and will follow the same process that the professionals use in creating our wildly popular dinner shows.

Limited to 12 Participants

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