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What Makes a Something New Murder Mystery Different?


Our Murder Mystery Dinners are truly unique.  As a small family owned and operated business, our goal is to have you coming back to kill it with us at as many shows as possible.

  1. Our Shows are 70% improvised, 30% "script" driven.  This allows our cast to customize EACH show on the fly to ensure that your experience is second to none.  This also allows us to change direction of the show on a dime if needed providing you with a TRULY unique IMMERSIVE murder mystery experience.  YOU LIVE THE STORY.
  2. YOU become part of the show.  While you will most likely not play an official role in the show, you will be involved.  Yes.  We have a story to tell but it is just as much fun to bust your chops as well.  We will go above and beyond to ensure that you either LOVE or HATE our characters... they will love or hate you too!  Once you enter our story world you are immersed in this world.  
  3. Our endings may chance!  Even if you have seen a show before, each show is COMPLETELY different.  We promise that you can easily solve the crime if you connect the dots; but, from one performance to another we change the dots... even for the same show!
  4. Some of our competition prides itself in not using any crazy costumes.  They think actors appreciate this.  We know better because we are all professional actors!  Trust us... good actors/improvisers LOVE to dress up!  This allows us to offer over 20 different stories... from a 60's theme, to a Mother Goose theme to a modern day Trailer Trash theme.  If you choose to dress up that's up to you.  We think you will have more fun if you do, but if you want to suck at life, that's cool too!
  5. GREAT FOOD AND A GREAT SHOW.  Because we are selective with our partner venues we can assure you that the quality of the food is as good as the quality of our shows.  We work with the restaurants that the locals choose, not the big chains.   Chef created meals unique to each venue AND a KILLER good show!  Do you want the chicken, the beef or the fish is NOT an option with our partners!


We want to truly PARTNER with locally owned and operated restaurants, hotels, B&B's and other host venues.

  1. Our business model is a TRUE PARTNERSHIP.  There is NO CHARGE to the host venue for our performances.  When YOU make money WE make money.  You focus on what you do well (the amazing  dining experience your guests expect) and we focus on our part (an amazing entertainment experience for your guests and our followers.)
  2. Our shows FILL YOUR DINING ROOM on the slowest of nights.  Our most popular nights for public shows are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - a restaurant's "slow" nights.  On these nights we FILL YOUR RESTAURANT.  In fact, 98% of our shows SELL OUT no matter what night they occur!  (Call us to hear about the 2 shows that did not sell out!)
  3. Your servers will make MORE MONEY than they would ever consider possible!  Tips and our secret extras will have your team fighting to work.

We are currently performing multiple LIVE Interactive shows every month all around Central Florida at venues in Lake County, Seminole County, The Villages and Cocoa Beach.  Watch our landing page and social media or click below for for dates and to buy tickets!

Fully Immersive Murder Mystery Performance

Our traditional Murder Mystery Evening held either at your location or one of our partner venues.  Colorful characters all with motive, means and opportunity set the scene where YOU become the detective.  Can you figure out who dunnit?

Check our landing page to see where we are next or contact us to build your own custom performance!

Custom Murder Mystery and Corporate Events

Killing people is our specialty and we would love to plan a murder for you!  Would you like a murder mystery written about you and your friends?  Are you a corporate organization that would like to include targeted learning outcomes in a corporate event?  

We can make it happen.  Live or virtual!

Reach out and let us create the perfect murder for you!

Restaurant Partners Wanted!

Do  you own a restaurant that could use a business boost even on the slowest nights?  Do you know of one?  Our public Murder Mystery Shows are at NO COST to the host restaurant and FILL your dining room ANY night of the week.  We are very selective in the partner venues that we work with and are on the hunt for true PARTNERS who want to provide guests a KILLER good time.  Ideally independently owned with strong owner involvement in daily operations.  Our competition will happily pick your pocket in the hopes that you generate a crowd... Our shows have never NOT sold out.  Let's chat if you own a restaurant that can seat 75+ people and you want to KILL it with us.


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Check out some photos from our recent shows!

What our customers are saying

I hate to go to local theater groups only to see actors that are stiff and amateurish. Not so with this group. They did a great job! It was very well done and very enjoyable!

Cheryl F. - Leesburg, FL

My friends and I did the $5 Murder Mystery Zoom as a virtual girls night. It was so much fun! I was so impressed by the script. It had us laughing, and it was every bit as entertaining as a murder mystery dinner show we went to in Orlando that typically charges $60 per person. I would definitely recommend Something New Studio's murder mystery show to my friends!

Rachael W. - Mt. Dora, FL

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