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Something New Studio Professional Ensemble Auditions

(Please read entire page before submitting)


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Something New Studio is currently accepting auditions for our professional ensemble which performs travelling immersive Comedy Murder Mystery Dinner Shows at restaurants all across Central Florida, along with additional unique immersive character experiences.

Performers are independent contractors with Something New Studio and are paid per performance.  Average rate of $100 per show but may vary based on roles/show size.


We are on the hunt for talented comedic character actors with strong improv ability regardless of race/gender/look/sexual orientation/and anything else!  As long as you are 18+ you are welcome to submit.


Rehearsals are minimal as all of the dialogue is largely improvised around a set of characters and a story.  Something New currently runs 15 different murder mysteries with more being written each year.


Shows are typically Monday-Thursday evenings with call times around 5:30pm.  However, we do occasionally do weekend shows.  Scheduling is 100% flexible with usually 30 days notice.  If you are available to play, wonderful, if not we catch you on the next one.  We know that Central FL talent has it's toes in many pools and wish to remain respectful of everyone's commitments.


Live callbacks will be scheduled for late March and early April.


To Submit:

Complete the form on this page OR send resume, headshot and 1-2 min video monologue as described below to 

Self Tape Video Monologue Instructions

Record a 1-2 minute IMPROVISED (ish) monologue as a confession to murder!  The monologue should admit your guilt, tell why and how you did it, and overall tie up loose ends of a story.  Keep in mind that we are an improv comedy troupe at heart.  Our characters are often those that the audience loves to hate no matter if they are the good guy or the bad guy!  We are NOT looking for accuracy in our stories but want to see what big choices you will make to develop a larger than life character.  Keep in mind, our shows are for adults, not children.  We call ourselves PG13ish.  Choose from one of the following characters to improvise...

1.  MALE - Mayor Skip Tewmelew - Corrupt mayor of old west town who has killed the owner of the town brothel.

2.  MALE - Bugsy Marscapone - Modern day Mob boss who has killed his mother.

3.  FEMALE - Greta Graspme - 1920's Jazz singer who has killed her agent

4.  FEMALE - Integrity Love - 1960's Hippy commune member who has killed the hippy cult leader

5.  ANY - Mother Goose - yes.  That mother goose.  She has killed someone in Nursery Rhyme Land - you choose who.

6.  ANY - Axl Rosinsky - 80's headbanger and Soviet immigrant who is head toy sales person for a toy company.  Killed their boss.

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