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Case 85-90210 Victim: Roberta Xavier

Good day detectives.  Thank you for your help in this case.  You will interview the suspects and we task you with examining the physical evidence.  All we know is that Ms. Xavier was found dead this evening apparently killed by a slice to the throat with a sharp metal object.  Below are items that we have located at the crime scene as well as in the suspect's possession.  Some may be relevant to the murder and some may not.  That is up to you to decide.  Who had the motive, means and opportunity to kill Roberta Xavier?

Murder weapon

alx ID.JPG

Employee ID badge found feet from the body


Blair had this letter on her

Found throughout the restaurant

Check made out to Miss Pauper

Mindi Pauper employment agreement

Letter to Roberta re: Blair

Shelf at local toy store

Photograph in Axl's wallet of favorite childhood toy

"Contract" Mr. McFly presented to Axl.

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