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Thank you fpr your help!

As you all have learned by now, Timmy Hoffer, National President of the AFL/CIO has been brutally murdered during a union vote/meeting.  I will need your assistance to help solve the crime.  After all, I never wanted this job.  What I wanted was to be a farmer.  Damn family business.

I can't tell what is important and what is not.  I hope you can@

Mr Hoffer's body was discovered in the break room of Acme Costumes.  Cause of death seems to be bleeding out from penetrating wounds in his neck.  Oddly, only one of the wounds was bleeding profusely when the body was found. That wound was directly to the jugular.

Leaflet that was being handed out in support of the Union.

Miss Corning's Nursing Licence

Email to HR Director Sweetums from Acme CEO

Mr. Hoffer was seen discussing this promotional flier with Miss Corning. 

Several of the HR complaints collected from Cptn. Sweetum's files.  

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