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Ho Ho Ho

Thank you all for assisting in solving this brutal crime!  As you are aware, this sort situation is best to handle in house as to avoid any bad press.  We have done well keeping our image positive for all these years and I am confident that you all will help preserve that.  Below are some pieces of evidence that may or may not help in solving this horrible crime!


Marley was found dead in a pool of blood with a sticky circular stab wound to her back.

Saul's vacation had been denied many times.


There were certainly financial challenges in the workshop.

Marley was certainly a beautiful woman.  Always a pleasure to have her sit on my lap.

jessica sweetums.jpeg

We were all very proud of Sweetums weight loss.

santa email.JPG

From Marley's Email

Recovered from the North Pole Police


Invoices that Saul has been researching


Marley was always taking such good care of the team.

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